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Indoor Woodsy Wedding Muskegon, Michigan | Cassandra & Garyt

Cassandra and Garyt were married at The Event Center at Fricano Place in Muskegon, Michigan this past weekend. Their day was AMAZING. Their bridal party was an absolute blast and at the end of the night the couple shared a huge surprise with their guests, but we’ll get to that later. 

We arrived at the venue and met up with Cassie on the third floor of Fricano’s where the large bridal suit was. All the girls were getting their hair and makeup done by Brenna Franczek. They all looked stunning especially Cassie! She had her hair pulled back in a long braid with babies breath. Her dress was a strapless art deco inspired gown that looked gorgeous on her and her bridesmaids wore pretty burgundy dresses. Her flowers were very elegant thanks to Chalet Floral. There were large red and blush flowers and lots of greenery! Garyt was in the reception area with all his groomsmen. Everyone was already dressed and ready to go! Garyt was wearing a blue suit with a burgundy tie and burgundy Van’s and all the groomsmen wore matching suits from Bridal Knight

Cassie did a first look with Garyt and then her two sons. The couple made it very clear that this wedding was not only something special for them but also their two boys. The bridal party watched as Cassie walked up to Garyt and tapped his shoulder. He turned to look at her and the biggest smile came over his face! They had wrote each other letters but wanted to wait until they were alone to read them. The couple also got each other gifts. Cassie presented Garyt with a nice watch and Garyt got Cassie a special vase for their honeymoon to put sand in (Cassie likes to collect sand from all the places she goes).

It was time for the ceremony and Cassie had brought in several real trees to decorate her ceremony space that was held inside Fricano’s. Their ceremony was sweet, but my favorite part was when the officiant had Cassie, Garyt, and their boys place soil on a live tree that they plan to plant on their property. 

After the ceremony the couple and the bridal party got on to a pretty, white trolly to go to downtown Muskegon. The couple wanted to go to their favorite bar, Mike’s Inn to take shot and bar photos. Then we took a few more pictures at Heritage Memorial Garden. Next, we went to a parking lot to take photos on the trolly balcony. The bridal party was such a lively bunch! If they weren’t singing to karaoke on the trolly they were having random dance parties in the parking lot! 

The reception area was beautiful with grand centerpieces, twinkly lights, and fabric draped from the ceiling. Before dinner was served the couple had an announcement for their guests. Garyt explained to everyone in a few more words that on this same date a year ago him and Cassie had gotten secretly married to honor their boys. Their wasn’t a dry eye in the room! It was such a touching moment and we felt so special to be apart of it. We had a delicious dinner from Harris Catering followed by dessert from Merten’s Farmhouse Market. Both were so good! The DJ (Jodi Dro) opened up the dance floor and everyone had an amazing time! Their boys tore up the dance floor as did Garyt. They brought out the karaoke and then the boys and Garyt sang to everyone! So fun! The night was absolutely amazing! 

Congratulations Garyt and Cassandra! Your wedding day touched our hearts and we know you you guys will have a beautiful marriage!