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Wedding Tips: Benefits of a First Look | Birch & Belle Photography

This blog is going to help you decide if a “first look” with your partner is for you!

There are so many different ways to design your wedding day timeline, and that can be overwhelming when planning your big day. But hopefully these tips will help you decide if a “first look” fits your vision for your wedding! Here are some of the benefits of a first look during your wedding day!

Where to begin: Start with your personalities and what you feel most comfortable doing. This blog will help guide your decision!

What values do you share as a couple? Are you the more extroverted or introverted type? Is public affection your vibe? Do you want to write your own vows? Are you comfortable being in front of your people or are you more of a private person?

A lot of couples in my experience feel a little anxious when it comes to planning their wedding day– they aren’t very comfortable with being the “center of attention”… (If you are and that is your vibe then that’s amazing! Your whole wedding day will be perfect for you!) But for those couples that aren’t excited by that idea I have a great solution for you!

A first look!

Pros of planning a “first look” with your partner:

  • Helps with timeline!

The wedding day can be super rushed and fast paced once you say “I Do”! You have the morning to get ready but once the ceremony hits you have a lot to get done! With a first look you can get all your portraits done before the ceremony!

  • You can go to your cocktail hour!

Most couples plan for their wedding portraits to occur during cocktail hour, right after the ceremony. I always like to mention to my couples that this is a missed opportunity to be able to attend the party you planned! Even in the reception there is usually scheduled events that require the bride and groom. There isn’t much time actually spent interacting with your loved ones. During your cocktail hour I could be capturing candids of you with your guests!

  • You can say your vows privately!

Being in front a crowd can sometimes over take the true feeling you actually have. When you can say your vows privately you are able to express your true selves and say what you actually want to say without the fear of judgement. I would love for you to be able to live in the moment with your partner and capture the true emotion felt.

  • Helps with nerves before the ceremony!

Being able to say hi and be together before the ceremony helps reduce the nerves you could have going into it! I have witnessed many couples feel like a weight has been lifted and literally see their shoulders relax once they’ve seen their partner. So much of the wedding day is spent apart before the ceremony so this is a great time to be able to spend more time together on your wedding day!

There are also a few other “first looks” you can do!

  • Bridesmaids/Groomsmen
  • Mom/Dad
  • Grandparents/Siblings
  • ANYONE you have a special connection with!

If you’re not so sure you want a “first look” then there is another option for you!

A first touch!

This is another great way to reduce those nerves and say your vows to each other! With this your photographer would set up a space where you can either hold hands around a corner or stand back to back. Photo and video can be taken as you say your vows to each other and it won’t spoil the sight reaction for walking down the aisle! A “first touch” wouldn’t free up time for the day but still gives you those moments to calm the nerves and say your vows privately.

I really hope this blog helped clear up some things for you and helps you decide what you want to do for your wedding day! Remember your wedding day is customizable and you can make it however you want!

If you want more wedding tips or would like to work with me please feel free to contact me as I love helping couples on this wedding planning journey. I am HERE FOR YOU!